Cut Flower Care - Tips & FAQ


How to keep your flowers fresh...

Please remember: Flowers are fleeting in beauty. Enjoy their gorgeous blooms while you can!

1.    Avoid bacteria build up

As soon as you get home with your flowers, trim their stems and place them in a clean vase or container with fresh water (if they’re not already in one of our mason jars or vases). Bacteria build up is the main reason for short vase life. So keep foliage above the water line when you trim your stems to ensure less bacteria growth in the water.


2.    hydrate

Flowers prefer luke warm water, except for bulbs like tulips and daffodils which prefer cold. If we supply you a packet of flower food with your flowers, sprinkle it in once you give them a fresh batch of water as it will extend the life of your flowers. Most importantly, your flowers really want you to feed them fresh water every other day. Every time you give your flowers a fresh batch of water, be sure to give them a trim! A fresh cut exposes new tissue to absorb water and replenish your flowers. Be sure to use sharp scissors when cutting flowers for a clean cut.


3.    find them a good home

Although flowers grow in the sunshine outdoors, while in a vase sunlight can shorten your flowers lifespan. Sunlight and heat will encourage them to mature, thus causing them to wilt and die faster. To extend their life, pick a cool dark spot for them away from any heat, drafts or direct sunlight.

Your kitchen counter may resemble a still life painting that should be hanging in the AGO, full of cheerful blooms and a bowl overflowing with abundant fruit, but surprisingly unlike in paintings these two things don’t belong together in real life. Ripening fruits produce an odourless naturally-occurring gas called ethylene, that cause fruits ripen, but for flowers causes them to spoil prematurely.


4. Send them some love

Just like any other living being, flowers thrive in a happy environment. Send them your love by simply appreciating their beauty!



I bought my flowers a day or two before I see the person I’m giving them to, where should I keep them?
We recommend you store them in a cool dark space like your basement or on a shelf away from windows, heaters, or direct sunlight.

Should I store my flowers in the fridge?
We don’t recommend storing flowers in a refrigerator as it may freeze the stems, which causes early decay and promotes mold growth. Your kitchen refrigerator is very different from a commercial floral fridge that is kept at a specific temperature suited for flowers. If your adamant on storing flowers in your fridge, keep them in the warmest section away from any interior walls.

What kind of water should I fill my vase with? 
If you have filtered water at home that’s fantastic, but if not regular tap water will do! We use plain old Ajax tap water at Roots & Wildflowers.

Flowers grow in the sunshine, so wouldn't they do best in a sunny spot?
Sometimes people think they should set their vase of flowers in a sunny windowsill since that is where a plant would be happiest. However, cut flowers are actually the opposite of potted plants. Cut flowers are at the peak of their life span. Sunlight and heat will encourage them to mature, thus causing them to die faster. They're best suited in a cool dark spot!

Should I cut my flowers on an angel to optimize surface area for water absorption?
Some florist recommend the technique of cutting stems on a 45 degree angle. We haven't found that this technique makes a visible difference in vase life.  When cutting tulips, you especially want to cut straight across the stem, opposed to on an angle, as this slows the stems from growing in height while in their vase.


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