it started with a seed..

Tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood lies a backyard with a secret urban micro flower farm. Though it may not look like much at first, when you open the gate you're greeted by the smiling faces of a sea of colourful flowers. Our micro flower farm is small, to be exact it's only a 24 x 12ft of raised garden bed that has since retired the vegetables it used to home. Even with small space, using succession planting we are able to fit over 300 plants alone in one season and plant hundreds of bulbs in the fall that will bloom the next spring; then we start all over again. In our first season we grew 20 different varieties with 52 different colourful mixes of annuals and perennials growing. We grow a variety of flowers from perennials like towering yellow black eyed susans, charming multicolour echinacea, blue globe thistle and picture perfect dahlias (they’re a work in progress). The majority of our flowers are annuals; we normally grow a colourful mixed array of snapdragons, zinnia, cosmos, sunflowers, scented stock and more. Not everything can fit in the garden, so some special plants have been tucked away in the garden beds at home, among my fathers flowers. We hope to expand our flower farm in the coming years, but for now grandma's garden will more than do.

Though we wish all the flowers we designed in a year could be made up purely of what we grow at the farm, but unfortunately that’s not the case yet. The flowers grown in our urban farm are used for our best selling flower subscriptions, and DIY bulk orders. Though some extra special pieces get tucked away in our brides bouquets, due to the nature of multiple desired colour palettes for so many weddings in a season and not enough growing room to accommodate them - we out source locally from our amazing flower farmers all over Ontario, and ethically from growers aboard! Our philosophy is to use local product as much as we possibly can - to encourage better ecosystems at home, and to support our amazing local farmers!