Post Flower Subscription Questionnaire

And just like that, our 2018 flower season is wrapped up! I want to thank you again for being a part of Roots & Wildflowers flower subscription. The support from our community is overwhelming and I’m grateful to each and every one of you who were a member that made our first year such as success! While the memories are still fresh in your mind, please answer our post-subscription questionnaire. I was able to talk to most members while delivering or during their pick ups to get feedback, but I’d like to give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinion. This questionnaire is anonymous unless you leave a testimonial with your name. Your feedback will help us create the best possible selection for next seasons flowers, and give us suggestions to improve our services! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our subscription and supporting locally grown flowers!

- Kirsten ♡


Please complete the Questions below

Which subscription were you a member of? *
Overall, how satisfied were you with our flower subscription service?
In your opinion, did you feel as though our flowers were unique and unlike anything you would find in a grocery store?
What was your favourite colour palette?
On a scale of 1-5 how important is it to you that our flowers are locally grown?
On average, how long did your flowers last?
Flower care: did you regularly change the water in your arrangement or give your flowers a trim?
Description of flowers in the arrangement or if you remember the week.
Testimonials written in this box will be posted on our website and social media, so please only include what you are okay with being read by the public.
Would you recommend us to family and friends?
What is the likely hood of you joining our subscription again next year? (Summer of 2019)