Black & White Striped Peperomia Planter

Black & White Striped Peperomia Planter


2 different varieties available, there is only one of each:
Parallel Peperomia - green leaves
Ripple Peperomia - deep green-purple leaves

Each pot comes with 1 variety of peperomia plant, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOU’VE SELECTED THE CORRECT PLANT YOU’D LIKE TO PURCHASE. Pots are sold individually but you may order more than one if we have enough in stock. Pot dimensions are 4.5” X 4.5”


WATERING: Water sparingly and allow soil to dry in between waterings. 
LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Prefers medium to low light, away from direct sun.

Do you want to pay by e-transfer instead of PayPal? Email us at which potted plant your interested in purchasing and the quantity! 

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