Green Pottery Succulent Planter with legs

Green Pottery Succulent Planter with legs


Do you love pottery and anything that looks handmade? This green planter is charming with it’s pot belly that’s supported by tiny little legs. This succulent planter is perfect for the rustic home owner who loves character. This planter is a medium size, a great option if you’re not ready for a larger planter but want something bigger than our single plant pots.

This planter features 7 succulents in multiple varieties and colours, with river rock and moss for decoration.

Green planter with legs dimensions are 6" x 3.5"

All plant orders will come transport ready and weather protected in a easy to carry cardboard box. with gift paper to secure, and a clear bag covering to shield it from the cold Canadian air. Plants will also come with a care tag that explains Succulent Care Instructions.

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